Thai Airways Royal Orchid Silk Lounge and Royal Orchid Spa

Thai Airways really knows how to keep their elite customers happy.  With a total of eight Royal Silk, Orchid and First Lounges in the Bangkok Suvarnabhumni International Airport finding one of their lounges was not difficult at all.  The beautifully dressed staff members are swarming everywhere and very attentive.  The wide variety of Food is quickly replenished before the trays are empty and very tasty.  I couldn’t stop myself from eating the ham sandwiches and steamed buns, they were just so dang good!

The Royal Silk Lounge in Concourse D was the largest of the three we visited.  It seemed like it took the whole side of the upstairs concourse, it just kept going and going. There are several food and beverage food stations within each seating area so there was no need to walk far to find a bite to eat or beverages to sip on.  If you have time to kill, walk around the terminals to find a lounge that suits your needs.  After visiting 3 of 6 lounges offered to Business Class passengers I came to realize all the lounges offer the same food and and beverage and most of all the amenities, the only differences between them were the size and some of the facilities (Concourse A doesn’t offer slumber rooms, showers and full Buffet Bar.  Concourse C & E – East don’t have slumber rooms). A detailed list of the Royal Silk Lounges at BKK can be found on the Thai Airways website

The reason I found this particular lounge was because I was looking for the one and only Royal Orchid Spa.  The Zen like feel of the Spa hits you as soon as you arrive with orchid plants, floating wood walls and tastefully picked furnishings.  Like always the staff is gracious and offer healthy snacks and beverages, there’s no buffet and large beverage stations in the Spa.   Business Class passengers are entitled to a 30 Neck & Shoulder or Foot Massage while First Class passengers can choose from 60 minute full body massage and the 30 minute treatments.  

I finally found a comfy seat and got settled as I anxiously awaited for my treatment.  While sipping on my tea and checking my messages on my phone I realized I only had 40 minutes until my flight started boarding.  I was pissed! That wasn’t enough time for me to get my treatment knowing I had to wait another 10 minutes.  After all months of anticipation I wasn’t able to experience a Royal Orchid Spa treatment, not even see the facilities.  Bummed out is not even the words to describe my icky feeling in my head and shoulders that were yearning to get massaged.  

FYI:  No guests allowed and the Spa doesn’t accept advance reservations for any treatments.
Passengers requesting spa and massage services in the lounge should arrive early to place
their names on the wait list.

I guess that just means I’ll have to wait until I return to Bangkok in the future to experience the Spa services and facilities personally. Since Thailand was already on my list of countries to visit I’ll just have to move it up the list so I can visit sooner than later!  

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