Khylasophy Seasthelove

My family and I started collecting shells, glass balls and sea glass since we moved to Lana’i in 1998. It’s always been displayed in vases in our home, until two years ago when I started making my own jewelry.

It takes me hours and sometime days to finish a pair of earrings. The process of finding a matching pair, cleaning them, drilling holes and then putting everything together using wire or chains is not easy. Sometimes I think it’s a great way to get your mind off things as you get into the process but many times it’s a darn pain in the ass and hella frustrating. The most devastating thing that happens to me quite often is cracking a shell after taking months or even years trying to find a matching pair!

Knowing I’m not a patient hole driller I tend to buy jewelry from professionals. I will not take the chance of cracking one of my unique, tiny, frail shells.

PMMPhotos201303319061_zps29513d4cSea glass and sea shell finds

Snorkeling for Shells  Snorkeling finds in mask Fins.Shells

SeasTheLove is the name of a jewelry retailer from Lana’i. Sharah Myers is the creator of all the jewelry sold on her website and the reason I started making my own jewelry. All of her shells are hand picked and pre-checked to be sure no live animals are residents of these colorful shells. Her creativity is displayed in each piece, I can only imagine how much time it takes her to complete them. You’ll find an array of dainty, tasteful items at SeasTheLove. If you see something you like that’s not showing in her online shop feel free to contact her she’ll make what you’re looking for as long as she has the supplies!

Earring shaping


All of these pictures included in this post is of Sharah shell hunting and creating jewelry pieces.  Thank you SeasTheLove for my addiction for cute ocean inspired jewelry and at times jewelry making!

Khylasophy Seasthelove

SeasTheLove hoop necklaceMini Opihi Shell Earring

SeasTheLove Single shell necklaceSeasTheLove Puka Shell Hoop earringSeasTheLove Shell bracelet Khylasophy SeastheloveKhylasophy Seasthelove

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