THAI AIRWAYS – Business Class

Thai Airways

It can be nerve wrecking booking airline flights. Airline websites are filled with professional photos and catchy phrases from their marketing gurus. Instead I always search the web reviews because pictures and comments are more realistic and updated.  I encourage everyone to do the same when making travel plans.

Here is my review of my Thai Airlines first-class flight from Narita, Japan to Denpasar, Bali on an Airbus 380 aircraft.  I ordered my in-flight meals online and was pumped up to discover my seat converted to a lie-flat bed.  Royal Silk passengers like me got to hang out in their lounge before boarding the plane. I used the upper level jetway for Royal Silk passengers and had assistance with my heavy carry-ons up the stairs.  Sweet!

Thai Airways

Beautifully dressed attendants showed me to my seat and assisted me with my carry-ons.  I wished I took a picture of the traditional Thai outfits they were wearing.  To my surprise everything in the plane was designed in my favorite color – PURPLE! The floor, seats, consoles and even the pillow and blankets were different shades of purple!

After takeoff, I was presented with a menu and a warm oshibori or towel, to freshen up and cleanse my hands.  The menu offered some great selections but I had already pre-ordered my meals online. I had Chicken Satay as a quick appetizer and Beef Sukiyaki and Salmon Koumi Yaki for dinner.  They were served in large bento boxes with lots of side dishes.  The attendants were friendly and helpful. The plane also offered touch screen televisions with a large variety of movies, shows, games and music and USB and charger ports at my seat to plug in my computer, iPad and phone. Perfect for a travel correspondent like me who constantly needs to charge her electronic devices and need access to do some work.

On my flight back home, I had one layover when I switched planes to a smaller Boeing 777-300.  The friendly service was great but my chair did not lie-flat into a bed.  The 160 degree seats are just not the same as the lie-flat ones!  The menu options on this shorter flight were spectacular – Seared Salmon with Taragon Cream, Beef Steak with Peppercorn Sauce, Roast Duck with steamed rice and Stir-fried Prawns with Garlic Chili and Basil.

 Thai Airways

Thai AirwaysThai Airways

THAI AIRWAYS is definitely one of my favorite airlines!  I will definitely try to find routes to connect onto their flights.  They may not have the newest, more modern aircrafts or lounges but the fully loaded amenities and superior service they offer is enough to make me a loyal customer.

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